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Collective Bodywork Day Fundraiser at People's Movement Center

  • People's Movement Center 736 East 41st Street Minneapolis, MN, 55407 United States (map)

People's Movement Center (PMC) is hosting another Collective Bodywork Day Fundraiser - please join us!! Reserve a spot by emailing

"Bodywork" is a broad term that includes a bunch of approaches to healing that are all based in working with the body. Sometimes this includes touch, sometimes there is very little touch. Massage is the most commonly known of these. You will find more detailed descriptions below of what each practitioner will be offering. 

At this event there will be several practitioners giving bodywork to different people in the same large room at the same time. Each practitioner and person receiving will have their own area with a massage table or a mat on the floor, but there are no barriers of any sort between these areas. This means that everyone in the room has the possibility of seeing and hearing each other, although while giving and receiving bodywork people generally focus on their own experience. All of the work will be done fully clothed.The room is quiet with dim lights. 

These sessions are different from receiving a usual individual session with a practitioner. It is intentionally a shared community space. This is important. Few of us have been raised with the experience of processing grief or joy, pain or struggle along with groups of people. Many of the rituals that our communities, particularly communities of color and indigenous communities, created to do this kind of collective work have been violently and strategically disrupted, destroyed or made illegal. Healing alongside others who are healing is different from what we do on our own. At its base, what we find with collective healing is that a certain kind of energy builds in this shared space - meaning that sometimes people feel the impact of the work they are receiving more powerfully or more deeply or just differently. New insights might emerge that wouldn't be as visible if we are on our own. Sometimes we are also more vulnerable in this kind of a space. Collective bodywork gives us the opportunity to support each other and learn from each other without words and without intent, merely by sharing this room together.

If you have never received bodywork before, this can also be a way to try out a short session in a space where other people are around. 

Sessions will be 50 minutes in length and will start every hour on the hour. This is a fundraiser for PMC and the suggested donation is $25-50 per session. We are scheduling sessions ahead of time - please email with any questions or to book a session! Details about practitioners below.

Please arrive five minutes early and wear comfortable clothing. As you enter PMC for your appointment, please remember that other people will be receiving bodywork. This means enter quietly and respectfully. There will be a volunteer at the front to take your payment and introduce you to the person you will be working with. PMC accepts check, cash, or card. Make checks payable to People's Movement Center. 

There are two low and broad steps that have a hand railing between the main room and the bathroom and a very small step-up at the entrance to the space. The bathroom is not accessible by ADA standards. PMC is working towards a longer term process to make the space more accessible in a variety of ways. Please contact with any specific questions about the space. 

Yes! It needs to be scheduled in advance - so when you schedule your session, please let us know if you need any care for children while you are receiving.


Descriptions of the types of bodywork coming soon! 
For now, practitioners offering on this day will be:

11-3pm Femi Akinnagbe - Thai Massage, Three Heart Balancing, Reflexology, Trigger Point

11-3pm Fen Jeffries - Craniosacral and Somatic Experiencing
11-12, 12-12:30 pm Ayo Clemons* - Global Somatics
1 - 2, 2-2:30 pm Malia Burkhart* - Somatic Massage
11-2pm Rebeka Ndosi - Acupuncture

*= has a half-hour session available

Fen Jeffries does bodywork using a gentle touch approach that is oriented in deep listening and works with the craniosacral system including the bones (particularly in the head and back), muscles and other tissues, and rhythms in the body to bring relaxation, to support the release of held trauma, and to decrease pain.

Ayo Clemons - Ayo offers personalized support through hands on bodywork, breath work and energy work. This includes working with the muscles, tissues, and organs of the body through touch, while incorporating breathing techniques and and energy work such as Reiki. Ayo is trained in the Global Somatics Process. 

Malia Burkhart Somatic Bodywork and Massage:
My practice focuses on releasing tension in the body stored in the body through a variety of bodywork techniques, including: Fascia unwinding through deep steady pressure, supported movement and assisted stretching; Deep muscle tissue release, outlining and describing specific muscles to release and relax; Quiet, slow, and more subtle forms of touch that communicate with the body with gentleness and calm; Gentle rocking or shaking to integrate and encourage the body to release patterns of holding and tension. 
My massage technique is intuitive and improvised—responding to your body’s needs. Every session is unique. For more information,

Rebeka Ndosi: Traditional Chinese Acupuncture ~Five Element Acupuncture ~Chinese Herbal Medicine
I sought out and studied East Asian Medicine because these modalities begin from the foundation of wholeness. Each person walks in a whole person, is treated holistically, and is part of the larger environments, systems, and universe in which we all live. I focus primarily on the treatment of stress and trauma, as well as other forms of internal medical treatment.

When: Saturday 9/16/17

Where: 736 East 41st Street, Minneapolis, MN 55407      


* This is a Bodydharma affiliate event.  The Collective Bodywork Day Fundraiser is being organized and sponsored by People's Movement Center.  A member of the Bodydharma staff will be on site to provide body work to Collective Bodywork Day Fundraiser attendees.  Kindly direct any questions not explicitly dealing with bodywork to the Collective Bodywork Day Fundraiserorganizers at the contact information provided above.  All body work questions can be emailed into and we will gladly respond at our earliest convenience.

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