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Northside People of Color Meditation Group

  • The Yoga Room 4151 & 4153 Thomas Ave N  Minneapolis, MN 55412 USA (map)

I welcome you to join our next People of Color (POC) meditation group sitting in #NorthMpls this Sunday April 7 at the Yoga Room.

Theme: “Patacara, Pain, & the Promise of Peace: How losing it all can allow us to lay hold the one thing that truly matters” with Femi Akinnagbe

Spring is springing and the land is transitioning from Winter's death into Spring's rebirth. At such junctures, we're invited to take sober stock of our lives. Weigh our actions, measure our intentions, and assess how we're being asked to grow in this moment of our journeys. Inherent to the growth process is the 'death' of letting go. Releasing that which does not serve so that we might step into a fuller expression of ourselves.

As a strong, determined woman, Patacara was a contemporary of the Buddha who wanted that which we all want: happiness, family, and stability. Yet, life had other plans for her. When everything and everyone Patacara held dear was taken, the weight of her struggle proved too much to bear, and she lost her mind. Through the trauma and grief of a broken heart, her shattered spirit found community, mindful awareness, and the one thing that truly matters...peace. Come sit in circle with Femi Akinnagbe and the Northside People of Color Meditation Group as we honor the death of Winter and welcome in the rebirth of Spring. Recognizing life's fundamental fragility, we will explore ways to experience peace independent of circumstances.

Be part of a new meditation collective, the Northside Sangha (community). Help us build this intentional community in a part of the city that’s been repeatedly fractured, systematically ignored, and yet flowers continue to grow from the broken sidewalks. 🌸 

#PopUpBelovedCommunity 🙏🏾